Organized by Sujin Lee, from the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, AHK Korea,, and with my colleagues from Bayer Radhika Das Chakraborty, Min Wei, Pei Sze Ng, Min Pang, John-Edward Butler-Ransohoff, and Joerg Knaeblein, we had yesterday a wonderful get-to-know session with Korean Biotechnology startups.

I love these meetups where you learn a lot about what others are doing, exchange, and open your mind about new science. Amazing.

AUTOTAC Bio, Founded 2018, they are working on a new approach for proteolysis targeting chimera, called AutoTac, focusing on neurodegenerative diseases, amyloidosis, certain cancers and rare diseases.

G+FLAS Life…

Jesus del Valle

Work @ Bayer Pharma R&D. Founder of Grants4Apps and STEM4Health. Science, Tech, eHealth, Genomics, ExoBio, Intrapreneurship, Startups. #IWantToBelieve.

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